Selecting an Angora Goat for 4-H Angora Goats are a great choice for 4-H!

There are two main things to consider when purchasing a fiber goat. The first is the health of the goat and the second is that it grows the type and quality of fiber that you want.

Give the goat you are considering a quick look over. You will want to see:

  • Moist but clean nose.
  • Bright eyes.
  • The base of the horns should be pink in white goats and a clear color in colored goats.
  • Clean smelling ears.
  • Front teeth meet dental pad and the molars meet each other.
  • Well trimmed straight toes.
  • Few or no lice.
  • Smooth covering of flesh over ribs.
  • Urine and dung stained hair trimmed.
  • No coughing.
  • Check for healthy reproductive parts if selecting a breeding animal.
  • Ask for health records - records of deworming, delousing, kidding.
  • Check that the goat moves freely and is bright and alert.

Prior to going and getting a goat it would be good to look at some fleece samples from that type of animal (colored or white, of similar age) to get a sense of what a good fleece looks like.

  • Look for the same type of fleece all over the animals body (uniformity).
  • Does the fleece feel nice? (handle)
  • Is it a color you like?
  • Is it a healthy fleece, free of matts, burrs and lice?
  • If you are planning to show the goat it may be necessary to purchase a registered goat, check with your advisor. Before making a purchase, ask the breeder about registration papers and how to go about transferring ownership. As you are looking for a good show prospect, you will want to study the CAGBA Breed Standard to make sure you select the goat that best meets your needs.

    You will spend a lot of time with your goat, make sure you choose one you like! Remember, you are going to spend a lot of time with this goat - hopefully - and you will want it to be a goat that is pleasing to your eye and with a pleasing, enjoyable temperament.

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