About Us


  • CAGBA is the only member association for Colored Angora Goat breeders in North America.
  • CAGBA is the original Colored Angora Goat registry in North America. ·
  • CAGBA is an IRS recognized exempt livestock association under IRC 501(c)(5) defined, in part as those who: Have as their objects the betterment of the conditions of persons engaged in the pursuits of labor, agriculture, or horticulture, the improvement of the grade of their products, and the development of a higher degree of efficiency in their respective occupations. Reg. 1.501(c)(5)-1(a).
  • CAGBA is owned and operated by the members.
  • CAGBA is a member driven organization that maintains accountability through elected officials. All officials are unpaid volunteers who support members and the goals of CAGBA.
  • CAGBA exists only to support the members, and to promote Colored Angora Goats.Image-Circles-30
  • CAGBA operates in the open with input from the membership. The Board of Directors daily communications can be viewed by any active CAGBA member. · CAGBA’s membership fees are one of the lowest in livestock associations.
  • CAGBA’s animal registry fees are one of the lowest in livestock associations.
  • CAGBA collects $1 on each registration and transfer to support CAGBA members.
  • CAGBA’s animal database is thorough and provides professional Registration and Record pedigrees.
  • CAGBA is more than just a registry for Colored Angora Goats. CAGBA is a membership association providing:
    • Quarterly newsletter to educate members and promote Colored Angora Goats.
    • Financial and educational support for the national CAGBA show.
    • Annual membership meetings allowing for direct member input.
    • Periodic local and national advertising.
    • Website to promote, educate and advertise goats, fiber and member farms.
    • Annual open elections for board of directors and officers to allow active members to lead the organization.


Operated by its Members to

Promote and Advance Colored Angora Goats

and to Encourage and Support Fellow Members.


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What’s the difference between recording and registering?
In the early days, the Colored Angora Goat Record (CAG Record) was founded to help breeders pursuing colored angora goats. The Record was formed with the goal of–

  • tracking the pedigrees of animals used in colored angora goat breeding programs,
  • helping identify genetic patterns and colors, and
  • bringing breeders together to share ideas, experiences and breeding stock.

Image-Circles-19 No color or quality standard is required to Record a goat–the only requirement is that the animals (colored and white) are being used to produce colored angoras. Recorded animals receive a Record number for tracking purposes.

To be registered, a goat must meet the following requirements:

  • Dam and Sire be Registered.
  • Be identified with a tattoo, microchip, ear tag, or ear notch.

Complete information on how to register your animals can be found on the Registration page.