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What is the registry all about?
As the interest in colored angora goats grew, so did the interest in forming an official Registry. The Colored Angora Goat Breeder's Association (CAGBA) officially formed and opened a registry in the summer of 1999. The The Registry has adopted a Constitution and Bylaws, elected officers/directors and trained numerous inspectors.

Currently, most goats must be inspected to be registered. Inspections are usually coordinated at an event or show. For complete details, see the Registration page. The registry shall remain open for an undetermined length of time. For information about upcoming inspections, contact the CAGBA director for your region.

What's the difference between recording and registering?
In the early days, the Colored Angora Goat Record (CAG Record) was founded to help breeders pursuing colored angora goats. The Record was formed with the goal of--

  • tracking the pedigrees of animals used in colored angora goat breeding programs,
  • helping identify genetic patterns and colors, and
  • bringing breeders together to share ideas, experiences and breeding stock.

Black Angora Goat Buck No color or quality standard is required to Record a goat--the only requirement is that the animals (colored and white) are being used to produce colored angoras. Recorded animals receive a Record number for tracking purposes.

To be registered, a goat must meet the following requirements:

  • Be identified with a tattoo, microchip, ear tag, or ear notch, and
  • Be at least one year old and not older than six years of age
Complete information on how to register your animals can be found on the Registration page.


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