Breed Standard

Only those animals that meet the CAGBA Breed Standard
(shown below) are eligible for the Registry.
The Registry includes the following classifications:
Trait Standard Minimal Disqualifying
Ears Pendulous   Upright or gopher ears.
Horns Well-spaced, gently curving back and away from head. High, close horns. Polled or dehorned.  
Conformation traits are indicative of the
physical strength and correctness of the body type.
Constitution Deep, wide chest; good body capacity and spring of rib. Narrow or shallow chest; poor constitution. Lacking in vigor, poor constitution.
Back Straight with a slightly sloped croup. Roached or swayed. Steep croup. Weak back or very steep croup.
Legs Straight when viewed from front or rear, well placed feet with strong pasterns. Cowhocked or crooked legs, weak pasterns. Hind legs should not touch when animal walks. Crooked legs, broken pasterns or deformed feet.
Mouth Teeth meet pad. Teeth forward of pad. Deformed or overshot mouth.
Reproduction Scrotum split no more than one inch. No extra teats. Scrotum split one-three inches. Extra teats. Scrotum split more than three inches; missing testicles.
Fleece traits reflect the productivity and quality of the mohair of the goat.
Belly cover Full cover Moderate cover. Light to no cover.
Leg cover Covered to knees. Lightly covered inside legs. Bare inside legs.
Topknot Mohair topknot. Fuzzy or no topknot.  
Chin cover Well-covered. Covered to jaw, jaw bare, wattles. Face and neck bare, slick neck.
Lock definition Well formed and distinct shiny locks. Loose locks, low luster. No lock definition, double coat, no luster.
Uniformity Fleece uniform in style, character, length and fineness. Coarse neck or short or coarse britch, fleece lacks uniformity. Irregular fleece in style, character, length or fineness.
Free from Kemp Very light sprinkle of kemp in topline or britch. Long fine medulated fibers scattered in fleece. Light line of kemp along topline or britch. Short coarse medulated fibers scattered in fleece. Double coat. Kemp or coarse short medulated fibers throughout fleece.
Yield in six months At least four pounds. Three to four pounds. Less than three pounds.